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Journey #2

Guess this is delayed, but thats okay, I've been busy with school work and exams and what not.

But guess who randomly went to Florida, then Eastern Caribbean's? Yeahhh, this girl right here! It was literally a weeks notice as to when I was going, and of course I had not objected to going.

So I went to South Beach, Miami, Florida area for three days, because my cousin was getting married there, and sadly I didn't even get to go anywhere near the beach. Well thats actually a lie, since my hotel was directly across from the beach, but, you know what I mean.

Since it has already passed, I might as well just say everything in one post rather than more than one.... makes sense right?

Okay, so.

Day 1 - Flight from Toronto to Miami, peaceful, quick, really bright out. I learned that driving there will forever be impossible, and my mom thought I was an aggressive driver, woo she should have been there in Florida, it stressed me out from being in the back row! That night, nothing special really happen, weather was fantastic, atmosphere was amazing... OH! the atmosphere, it was wonderful, basically the whole road, Oceanside, Oceanview, Ocean something, was one sided, meaning one side of the road was full of hotels and clubs, then the other side was the entrance to the beach. All the hotels had restaurants/ clubs attached to them and it was like party central, it was wonderful, now if only I was 21, things would have probably gone so much more differently..... the downside to all the loud music and what not, is having a room with a window to all that, and of course the party doesn't end till what? 4am? yeah, needless to say, it was difficult to sleep at night.

Day 2 - Shopping and more family members arrive, and of course I was one of the "outsider" cousins, well, I was the only outsider cousin. But thats okay, because I was there to have fun, and relax, and get away from all the stress back in Canada ehh? However, shopping was no so much fun as we were time pressed, such a huge mall and soo little time. The other down part to being me on this trip, was that I was the only girl, in my age bracket, and mostly the only one on the shopping trip, that I would feel guilty for dragging my guy cousins with me into girly stores, so I refrained myself from shopping. Which I guess turned out to be a good thing, since by the end of the trip I could barely close my luggage, and I barely bought anything! That night was an all white rooftop party and it was magnificent, it truly felt like it was a scene from a movie or for a photo shoot or something that glamourous. I loved it, prefect weather, not to hot, not too cold, the sun was out, and there was a nice breeze to keep you from sweating buckets! After the all white party was dinner time, again on the rooftop or another restaurant, and by nightfall it was peaceful, lovely breeze, and wasn't that cold, I did get a little of a shiver, but all was good in the end.

Day 3 - Wedding day! In short, during the day we went shopping and had a family lunch... all 18 of us... which i would like to point out was a trouble, because the restaurant we went to, wouldn't seat us until we have 80% of our party, I work in a restaurant, have been for 4 years, and have never come across this, I have been to multiple restaurants, high end to not high end - this restaurant was not high end - and have never heard of such a rule, in which that irritated me. But anyhow, after lunch we went to the hotel, and got ready for the wedding, the wedding was longer than previous weddings I have been too, I think? It was about an hour in length, so not that bad, then right after was the reception and dinner. The place was beautiful, the first hour was outside on the patio garden, unfortunately it rained before, and a lot of the things to sit on where wet, but partially dry. Then it moved inside to the dinning hall. After dinner was the dance, and it was fantastic, my cousin and I danced till the very end, unfortunately for us the DJ sucked, but we made the best of it, of course not all completely there, but that is what happens at weddings right?

Day 4 - Wake up with a pounding headache and head off to the cruise. Fun stuff right? WRONG. I woke up, didn't feel a thing, and was like this is awesome, got up and out of bed, and it basically hit me like a wall, I basically felt like it had not worn off yet! But the weather was once again terrific, not a cloud in sight, since it did rain the day before slightly. Basically this whole day was spent lounging around waiting, and trust me, if you were me, it was like heaven to have this kind of day! Once settled in the boat, my other cousin and I walked around the cruise and explored and stuff, it seemed to be a promising cruise, and I guess in some ways it was, and in others it wasn't. When departing for sea, the weather was hot, not humid, nice breeze, but very dry and you could actually see the sweat from people. Of course I was the person that was always out of breathe since my room was on the 12th floor and most things are either on the 7th or 8th or 15th or 16th floor, and why not use elevators? Cause that is the lazy way, plus it takes way too long!

Day 5 - First official day on the cruise, nothing exciting happened, other than docking on the Princess Cays island, it was amazing, so pretty and the water was so blue, let me tell you, I work at Niagara Falls and I have never seen such blue water, then Princess Cays. It was amazing, the beach however was rocky then sandy, then rocky some more, no big. It was paradise, and I was prepared for whatever this cruise had to offer me!

Day 6 - First day at sea and to say at the very least it was boring, very much so boring. Just to the extent that I probably circled the ship a couple times too many. I did however tan for a little bit, and then read some of my book. I tended to stay on the lower deck outside, where there was a breeze and shade, but no people... yeah I guess I maybe, sorta, kinda, unsocialized myself from everyone..... but thats okay, cause it was a nice and relaxing trip, and really thats all that I wanted, to be relaxed.

Day 7 - 9 - We docked at the remaining islands, and truly once you go to one you have been to them all, the stores are cute, but some times over priced. The beaches are wonderful, but either had too much seaweed or rocks there, and that is about it. The only really interesting thing, that I can think of was at St. Maarten, there was a nude or partially nude beach near the beach we were visiting, and while walking alone the shore, I passed a good 9 or 10 ladies not wearing any tops, it was interesting to say at the least, I'm just glad I wasn't wearing my glasses to see anything in detail. The last night on the boat was overall the best night I have had there, it was splendid, the moon was glowing, giving off a reflect in the ocean and then you could see other cruises in the sea, it was amazing, I stood out there, taking it all in for a good 10 minutes, before it got weird, with me being the only person out there while everyone else was with friends, and talking and all that... teens on the boat were just not as friendly as I had hoped them to be...

Day 10 - Home time. It was nice to just go home and get back to reality, cause someone was feeling a little bit home sick.... or more so family sick.

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Journey #1

So I love a journey, a good adventure that will challenge me as well as enlighten me. And so with that, I have my first journey, I will be going to Fiji for two weeks. Now I guess at first it sounds more like a vacation then a journey, but I asure you that it will be quite the opposite. How, you may ask? Simple, this is a journey because I am not going there to be a tourist, I am going there to volunteer, to go beyond the resort and into the villages to witness first hand something that millions of people can only see through their computer screens. It's going to be amazing and I can't wait. But of course theres always a problem, my problem you may ask? Money, since when is money not a problem? So I have started a website, http://www.gofundme.com/Fiji2012, if there is anyone reading this, please help a young girl out, and help me get there. Nothing will go unnoticed or ungrateful. Even if you are only reading this post/message, thank you, thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. Always smiling, always looking, never regretting.


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